Thursday, February 17, 2011

pencilled in.

Broken Pencil #50
photos by tara bursey

big thanks to broken pencil for listing me in their top 50 people/places/things of the indie arts world. how is it that i belong there? and thanks to tara for figuring out that the new issue is out. they have not updated their webpage yet and i have been in my typical february hermit-state, so i didn't notice the change.

i am really excited to check out this, their 50th issue, because it also features an interview with the selfsame tara about the beginnings of the zine scene in toronto. and who know what else?

there is a launch party happening in a couple of weeks that includes readings and inner-teen competitions (watch out guys - my awkward smile is registered as a deadly weapon). i also have to pick up a copy for myself and one for stacey bode who took the marvellously bizarre picture of me they used.

Broken Pencil #50


leah b said...

congratulations becky!! i hope they update their website soon - i want to read tara's words, too!

sweetie pie press said...

well, the launch is early march so maybe the web relaunch will run concurrent. or i could mail you a copy.

leah b said...

as much as i do want something so canadian and full of friends in my wanna-be canadian dwelling, i don't want to impose canada post's international rates on anyone i love.

also, tara posted pictures of her article on her flickr so i had a squinty read through :) otherwise, i'll be patient for the e-version.

sweetie pie press said...

it's flat. i won't cost that much.

jessica/miniature rhino said...

sexy pic! love it...