Friday, February 11, 2011


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mascots (4)b

i spent a lovely thursday evening at the opening of ray fenwick's mascots show and toronto book launch at katharine mulherin contemporary art projects. it is a seriously great show and and equally great opening. appologies to ray for taking only awkward pictures of him. my favourite is below.

ray and money

money + artist = ?

but all silliness aside, it a really wonderful collection of work - somewhere between drawing, painting, design, comedy and story telling. the subject matter also sways from pop culture exploration to very abstract thought. because of all the territory it spans, i think a lot of you out there would find your own thrills in these paintings. ray is also the type who seems constantly excited about the next thing he's working on. so if his work hits a phase you are into, it's not worth taking the moment for granted; it is all probably waiting to launch into a new evolutionary leap.

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Tara Bursey said...

Saw this show this was fantastic. My favourites were the "You Know What I Mean/I Know What You Mean" duo, for sure.

sweetie pie press said...

that one seemed like the best valentine in the world to me.