Monday, February 7, 2011


love and rummage goods (6)b

in the absence of any trunk show photos from yours truly, i thought i would share the few things i brought home with me. they were far outnumbered by things i parted with (especially in the rummage department) so i think it's okay. first off, i got one of the last vintage stamp sets that jaime had left at the end of the day. they were a total hit! from her, i also found out about the post a letter social activity club. both of these things will hopefully push me into my least honoured 2011 resolution. - post haste!

love and rummage goods (10)b

and this is another krystal speck tumbler. i now have two and am very spoiled on account of them. i am very lucky that krystal has so many gardeners and bakers in her life and that i have a big batch of gardening and baking button sets to swap. not that her prices aren't very reasonable to being with. i just have a bunch of things to save up for these days.

these last two items (below), a print and a card from deadweight, are for my sweetie for valentine's. good thing he has entirely stopped following anything i do or say online.

love and rummage goods (16)b

love and rummage goods (18)b

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