Friday, January 7, 2011

pieces of a wall.

pieces of a wall (18)b

pieces of a wall (19)b

this just in: we have heard on very good authority that wall pieces are selling like hotcakes in berlin. that's why, for the second instalment of the wunderkabinet, the sweetie pie press has contributed some very special artifacts - pieces of a wall. this edition of twelve consists of corked jars filled with 100% guaranteed pieces of a wall (from a genuine wall). wall pieces include various types of valuable wall material - brick, stone, plaster, dust, nails, fibre glass & wood (with possible extras like cobwebs) - all painstakingly harvested from a wall. do not delay, these pieces of a wall were collected in very limited quantity. they make wonderful gifts and are a great souvenir of the european metropolis of berlin.

pieces of a wall (21)b

pieces of a wall (24)b

this was a very fun project to work on. i especially liked how beautiful the pieces of a wall turned out to be in isolation. the pieces really made this project take on a visual life of its own.


Tara Bursey said...

Nice! What wall are these from?

sweetie pie press said...

oh, just...a wall.

Bindu said...

Intresting collection sweetie...What kind of jars are they?

leah b said...

pieces for the people!

also, through the becky lens, these chunks of wall look pretty darn stunning.

Franky said...

looks so classy!!