Monday, January 31, 2011

freshly pressed.

press pass (6)b square

press pass (9)b square

press pass (12)b square

press pass (17)b square

i just finished this little design side project for press pass, a socializing and networking night for local toronto media folks. my friend nadja sayej started the thing up. i know her from my earliest days in the toronto zine scene. since she wanted four different looks i played pretty fast and loose with the colour correcting here. the photography is pretty rough and tumble, too. i was charged with making something a little more crafty and organic than normal logo design, so i like these qualities. i am nothing if not flawed.

the clever among you will notice that i made the whole thing out of security envelope scraps. there is a lot of extra material from that project which i am now trying to find other uses for. this little deal seemed like a good fit. the even cleverer among you will know that it only takes five characters to spell 'press pass'.

press pass (2)b

press pass (8)b