Thursday, December 23, 2010


holiday trimmings (18)b

last night, i had a little collection of city of craft staff (and siblings and children and fiancées) over for tree trimming and some gentle social time. the deal was that i bribed everyone into bringing me a new ornament in exchange for aitor's scratch egg nog and hot toddies. now the tree looks amazing! having inherited all my father's ornaments (some of which come from family members even further back) and having shoved the tree into a corner with only one exposed side to decorate, it is looking delightfully crammed.

ready for a gallery of my talented friends' stuff? here goes...

holiday trimmings (5)b

crocheted pine cones from shannon!

holiday trimmings (6)b

glitter encrusted circle (i got this at city of craft from sandi).

holiday trimmings (7)b

this is a god's eye i made while we chatted. lots of crafts popped out of handbags at this point in the evening. and willy asked for a clipboard and paper to draw on.

holiday trimmings (9)b

little row of houses from jen!

holiday trimmings (12)b

from ian and angelune i got a christmas pickle! the christmas pickle is a thing. it seems to be a christmas tradition that may come from germany but also may come from michigan...or geogia...or spain. the tradition itself sounds a lot like the passover afikomen to me. just sayin'. regardless, i love my new pickle!

holiday trimmings (15)b

tara even gave me a piece of herself. i love it to bits! our apartment is turning into a weird museum of tara's work and body parts. i find it comforting. much as i usually avoid picking favourite, i think we could all agree that the decoration blue ribbon goes to willy for his customized becky and aitor replicas.

holiday trimmings (22)b

i even have a button maker! with moving parts!

holiday trimmings (20)b

oh, and being embarrassingly free of a tree topper, i threw a couple of hyperbolic corals up there. they are two of my latest contributions to the toronto hyperbolic coral reef. the reef hasn't got another showing booked until 2012 so i think we're cool.


shannongerard said...

look inside the little suitcase! willy was going to put a little pipe in there, but i'm not sure he remembered. if not, we have it here and can soon remedy the lack!

shannongerard said...

ah, just located the pipe here, on willy's shelf. next time we sees ya!

sweetie pie press said...

the suitcase opens?! even better! i'll trade the pipe for this weird melted brush with a face drawn on the back of it i found after the party.

kristyn said...

what a lovely collection of ornaments!

Missy said...

That is so cute and I want Lego versions of me and Raoul!

sweetie pie press said...

i wonder if willy could be convinced to do custom lego guys. he is starting an etsy shop.


Whoa! Those lego replicas are AMAZING.

Laura said...

You have got a beautiful tree! I love all the handmade ornaments and the fact that they come from friends makes them even more special! Hope you had a delightful holiday!