Tuesday, December 21, 2010

total eclipse.

there was no way i was going to take a good picture of the eclipse with the lenses i have, so i stole that one from dave.

last night, aitor and i bundled up and walked over the pedestrian bridge to sunnyside beach. huddled up with the ghosts of what used to be toronto's coney island, we had the place all to ourselves (save some ducks and canada geese).

after all the intense over-work of this year, it was shocking and soothing to be reminded of the universe, its effortless movements and our tiny little space in it. it was also nice to spend a few quiet moments with my sweetie. spaces like that can feel so inaccessible in the city.

with prickly-cold noses, cheeks and fingers, we walked back home past upward-looking solitary people. then we made warm milk with honey and bourbon and went to bed.

good night, moon.


leah b said...

that's amazing! and, a lovely sounding evening.

it's weird how the same moon can be missing a shadow when viewed from another angle on earth...i guess that's also kind of amazing. or, maybe i'm just dumb and it's not amazing at all.

sweetie pie press said...

you're one of the undumbest people i know.