Wednesday, December 22, 2010

basket case.

as i did some very important post-craft-fair tape surgery to the city of craft merch suitcase, i couldn't believe i didn't submit it to for keeps.

this used to be aitor's (which he will never let me forget) then i toured with it for years as a performer (which explains all the airline tape) and it has even been shipped across the continent once or twice.

needless to say, they just don't treat luggage like they use to. the innards of this guy are made of wood and all the dovetailed joins shattered immediately - let's be fair, this wasn't amish hardwood dovetailing. still, i feel a real need to keep this guy alive. now it houses all of our shirts, totes and pinback buttons and generally lives a sedentary life in our storage area in the basement of the workroom.

sleep tight, little kicker.

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