Saturday, November 6, 2010

the sub-national portrait gallery.

portraits (4)b

in my new mission to clean, clear and make sense of my collections, i have started to pool up portraits on the little shelf in our kitchen nook. i have actually been collecting these paintings of fictional people for a while now, considering them a new, non-existent family to seek out and assemble. in this current mix, i can see work by annie galvin, marlena zuber, sandi falconer, sandy davis, erin dollar, marilyne blais, emily martin & jessica sowles. there is much more to discover in the hidden corners of my home and office.

i found these little shrinky dinks i made as experiments a few years back, too, and decided that the portrait collection was the best place for them. this is the first time they are seeing the light of anything and i am glad i found a good place for them.

portraits (7)b

the reverend and i have actually made some agreements about creating a series of 'shows' in our apartment. the gathering portrait gallery is going to be the kitchen show until january 22, 2011. whether or not these shows will evolve into remotely public shows is still up in the air.

for more thoughts on collecting, i recommend this post by meags.

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