Sunday, August 29, 2010

my kind of tea party.

in preparation for my upcoming trip to europe (yes, it's crazy - i am on one tour and preparing for another) i have been converted to skype. other than finding myself yelling at a computer screen, i quite like it. i get to have tea parties and crochet dates with leah in berlin. today we discussed the finer points of transatlantic jury logistics for city of craft. the application deadline is looming.

it's like being part way to the time when leah lived downstairs from me and we sort of had a continuous stitch and bitch on the go.

i miss you leah, but this helps.


leah b said...

hey! that's pretty funny - and a lot clearer than i thought i looked to you.

man, i can't wait to take tea and/or bourbon with you sans headphones! xxx

roisin said...

skype has saved me bajillions with phonecalls to Japan - really, if I had to pay everytime I got to see my niece giggle, I'd be a [really] poor woman!

shannongerard said...

i want to live downstairs from you, or upstairs. i need a new cheaper apartment!

also, we are both home. let's have real live tea.

also, leah, i miss you.