Saturday, August 14, 2010

stop being not cool, vancouver.

dearest vancouver,

i left you years ago for a number of reasons. you are full of people i love, many of whom are making incredible creative work. but something was always missing between us. you were kind of unsupportive of me. or, your support was expressed in principal but there was very little...involvement.

i know we went our separate ways for good reason and i know this is for the best. it is still pleasant (if awkward) to visit you from time to time and i do want to stay in touch. but if you make it impossible for little mountain gallery to continue to exist as the important hub for emerging creative talent that it is, then it is over between us. i just can't fathom why you might even consider removing something that elevates you into being a better city. you said you were a place that believed in beauty marks, not blemishes. i really want to believe you.

had there been a little mountain when i was emerging, your folds may have felt more safe and hopeful to me. i might have stayed. well, maybe not, but its presence does make me want to visit more often. it is one of your best features.



ps - there is a fundraiser tonight for little mountain gallery's process of legitimization. i will be driving through jasper national park around then, but some sweetie pie button sets will be on offer at the raffle.

pps - don't just blame the city, citizens. i went to an art opening and free show there last night. it was amazing. why did all but twelve of you miss this?


Anonymous said...

this is how i sometimes feel about indy!

Missy said...

I feel this way about Pittsburgh, too. It got cool after I left. :(