Monday, July 12, 2010

get free things.

just a quick note from my mountain of emails to send and photos to edit to let you know that a) i am still alive and well and somewhere in the midwest and b) the lovely anabela is hosting a giveaway of the sweetie pie press' newest commissioned artist button sets by sarah mcneil. anabela's latest project, dreamcats, has turned out to be an overnight sensation and as soon as i saw it get rolling i knew that the new 'cats' and 'other cats' buttons i was working on with sarah would be a perfect fit for the hazy feline whims of the dreamcats crew.

go try to win 'em!

and thank you to both sarah and anabela for being awesome ladies.


David said...

Good to see you today!
And you're right, there is one new post I didn't see...

Be safe on your trip!

Lisa PN said...

Holy moly, i love those buttons.
I might just be an official cat lady. It's true!

Hope you are well and wonderful and look forward to catching up on your travel stories!

I included you in a little list of some of the Toronto Crafters/Bloggers that i admire. Just thought that i would let you know!

hope to see you soon!