Wednesday, June 9, 2010

another pitt stop.

after a long, long day of driving we collapsed into the guest bed at pat and al's place last night. when we awoke, everything was perfect - there was soft light coming through stained glass and and offer of blueberry pancakes. it is enough to make a wayward hobo couple feel very spoiled, indeed.

pittsburgh (1)b

pittsburgh (11)b

i love visiting pat and al's home. it feels so comfortable and is filled with beautiful old things. al is the genius mind behind a zine called thrift score and her heyday thrifting finds are all around. they have been working to cull the collection (there is talk of a bargain-basement summer yard sale that i am both relieved and distressed to be missing) so everything in the house is distilling into shifting thematic clumps that seem to sing with the areas of patched wall and original wallpaper that have been left alone through home improvements.

pittsburgh (12)

pittsburgh (24)

pittsburgh (32)

pittsburgh (37)

i always wish we could stay longer here. overnight is not nearly enough. i love this town.

we also learned that on top of chronicling the sad discarded demises of lost toys, al has been spending her summer walking to new orleans two miles a day. the walk is virtual, but wikipedia, google maps, local errands, a pedometer and a good pair of walking shoes can make for a pretty awesome blog.

pittsburgh (38)

tonight we drive to columbus, ohio. it's another great town but i feel our relationship with pittsbugh needs some future investments.

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