Friday, May 28, 2010

rhode trip.

after a morning cafe/office session with katie (in new york doing comedy for a few months - go find her before she leaves town), we were ready to head out for the ocean state. aitor took some really lovely pictures from the fdr as we made our way to new england:

new york (4)b

new york (9)b

new york (13)

new york (19)

everything was going swimmingly (if at a crawl) until we stopped at the connecticut welcome centre. after a brief break and washroom stop, the car wouldn't turn over. i felt awash with the fear of an expensive night in darien, connecticut - motels, repairs, and an early morning drive to craftland (if we were lucky). it was like a new york nightmare. here we were, destined for a nearby place that would be cooled by more foliage than our concrete home only to find our homes dashed my mechanical dismay. in a rare stroke of luck, however, we just needed a jump and charge of the battery. this only added a couple of hours to the trip (not the forty i was imagining). we got to providence with just enough time for some dice games and drinks with deb and alec. what a perfect ending to a sweaty car day.

rolling thunder (2)b

rolling thunder (4)b

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Anne Garber said...

Happy Trails. See if you can find your way to Quohog, RI