Saturday, June 5, 2010

return to brooklyn.

pictured above are the new tags i made for my irregular button sets. aitor says they make my messed buttons look better than my normal ones. i will have to work on that. these new packs are just one of a few new products i will be releasing in the coming weeks thanks to printing help from my friends at fireball (quality goods made to my obsessively picky specifications). of course, i tried to get as much as i could rolled out for our triumphant return to renegade craft fair brooklyn but this was all i could muster for day one. if you look very close you will see hints at some new button sets. but, you'd have to look very close.

today we stayed fairly hunkered down at the tent (after the early-morning reunions and catch-ups with other vendors, that is). it was hot out and there was much behind-the-scenes sorting to do in spare moments. as the show got rolling, i did manage to make it across the aisle to visit a tent that had been catching my eye for hours.

renegade brooklyn (25)b

renegade brooklyn (27)b

renegade brooklyn (28)b

veronica + matt's tent was so lovely - filled with graphic embroideries and screen prints. it felt like the perfect thing for me to find on a day when i wasn't feeling up to a big exploration excursion. i ended up with that last embroidery pictured above, entitled 'can opener'. v + m also could not have been more charming to chat with.

oh yeah, and this happened:

renegade brooklyn (40)b


Jen Anisef said...

loving the lazer eyes embroidery!
i'll have to keep an eye on their etsy shop for more goods. seems like renegade turned out ok this year.

sweetie pie press said...

yeah, their work is great and really affordable.

as for renegade brooklyn, its one major obstacle is the high amount of grime in mccarren park. i am still cleaning things a week later.

Jennifer Young said...

wish i could've been there!!