Saturday, May 8, 2010

vexation without representation.

today marked our first ever show in arlington, virginia (or the greater washington d.c. area, for that matter). we rolled into the ballston arts and craft market to some blustery clouds and a few drops of rain. vendors were already packing up their stuff. it was weird. when i say a few drops of rain, i really mean a few. given what renegade chicago and the art star craft bazaar have put is through in past years (and how enthusiastic the crowds were, regardless) this sort of thing doesn't much phase us.

the rain did pass - there were never more than those few drops - and the day opened up into one that was sunny and beautiful. oh yeah, but for some reason, the wind was gusting to 50 mph. i have to admit, this kind of natural chaos makes me pretty cranky when all my stuff is out on a table. i felt bad about that, too, because the market looks like it was normally very nice and the organizer, jessica, is just wonderful. this is just the bane of outdoor shows; we are at the whims of the weather.

the stress of button bowls flipping over and flying into people's faces and/or bushes aside, people did show up and it was a very nice crowd. the wind just kept hiding away and then popping back up to terrorize us. by the end of the day, i was whipped.

ballston polaroid

thankfully, aitor and i had decided to try out couch surfing for the first time. it has been recommended to us in the past given our itinerant tendencies but we had never gotten around to using it. this first experience could not have been more wonderful. really. our wonderful hosts are smart, kind and funny. after our exhausting day, they gave us a great treat - a bike ride out to an indian restaurant. for two people confined to a car for four months, a leisurely evening bike ride is like manna from heaven. some palak paneer and naan doesn't hurt, either. it doesn't hurt at all.

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