Sunday, May 16, 2010

oh, brother.

today was about the most perfect day i can remember in all my years of outdoor show exhibiting - no rain, little wind, not too hot, not too cold. i was divine.

i thought i would share the couple of acquisitions i managed to squeeze into this hectic weekend. that house drawing up there (by the maple ridge) is destined for a very special purpose. the sewn terrarium (below) by melissa kistler is bound for my curiosity cabinet when i return home. i saw shauna buy one last year and was very envious so melissa's work was definitely on my mind this time around.

art star day 2 (7)b

this fair also marks the introduction of a new display solution to my table. i decided to take the smuttons on the road but needed to find a family-friendly way to display them. take a serving thermos, make a divider to fit inside, add a tag and labelling tape (thank you, aitor) and ta da! lewd buttons safe from little eyes.

art star day 2 (8)b

innovations, acquisitions, old/new friends. it was a great day. and look at the view we had the entire time:

art star day 2 (9)b

...well, that lady's legs were no there all day. but you get the idea. and as quickly as it came, it was gone. thank you, art star. thank you, philadelphia. i love coming back to your art prints and outstanding ceramics. don't worry; we're still here for another week. you're a weird place, philly, but we find it hard to leave in a hurry.

art star day 2 (14)

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