Sunday, May 2, 2010

flourly news.

today's exploits in the flour city (later renamed the flower city, as if they could sneak one by us) left our heads filled with regional trivia. why? because the newest shop carrying a selection of sweetie pie pinback buttons is the gift shop at the center at high falls. the historic building (pictured nowhere here) serves as rochester's official visitor centre. some promotional materials advertise "clean public restrooms," a laser show and the aforementioned souvenir shop which stocks "something for everyone--moderately priced and sized to fit into a suitcase." i think i might have to steal that latter part of the shop description to explain everything i make. after five years, i finally have a sales pitch under ten words, even if it was pilfered.

lasers and washrooms aside, the centre also hosts an entire floor of gallery space displaying a rotating programme of group shows for local artists. it was all abuzz today with a show change-over, our benefactor there, one sally wood winslow, steering artists and volunteers in every direction. sally has an uncanny memory for names and related artworks. it was astounding to behold.

here are some views from the centre and thereabouts including a very enticing mystery door in the side of a mountain:

rochester (9)b

rochester (12)b

rochester (13)b

thank you, rochester, you have been very kind and hospitable to us. i am now sorry to have neglected you for so long.

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Unknown said...

We have a visitor center? Who knew. I really hope you got a chance to eat a garbage plate OR a Tom Wahls burger with homemade root beer. I'm surprised we haven't changed over to the flabby city.