Monday, May 24, 2010

evening offices.

rolled back into philly and was immediately treated to this as my sunset office space for computering and button making (courtesy of our friends paul and catharine at fireball printing). paul had a lot to do with our connection to this city. well, almost everything. we came here for the first time while on tour with the big art show and met most of the people we know in this part of the world through him and those long-ago events.

it's pretty magical to be able to roll into an active workspace while hustling between cities and have an immediate place to hunker down. people who understand you doesn't hurt either.

here are some other views of the print shop and their gallery space (pterodactyl):

fireball (4)b

fireball (11)b


Tara Bursey said...


What a dreamy looking space...that couch looks like the perfect place to take 15 minute breaks from work...every 15 minutes.

sweetie pie press said...

that 'window' in front of my temporary workstation is actually just a five story drop. it feels kind of wild and edgy.