Friday, May 7, 2010

attempts at staying organized (in the face of adversity).

my 2010 resolutions were not specific or succinct. instead, they came to me in amorphous, all-encompassing words like 'organization'. during our half-years on the road, this proves an added challenge so how excited do you think i was when i found this vintage accordion file at value village? it was a bit broken, but nothing some glue couldn't fix. and spending last evening raiding the reverend's supplies to make relevant sorting tabs has made me all the more chuffed. it must be gross to behold my self-congratulation, but i really have high hopes for this thing and its abilities to fix my life and thought patterns.

organizer (4)b

organizer (6)b


Mama said...

Oooo. Neat.

sweetie pie press said...

say mama, if i made you something like this would you use it? i know another family member who would be very happy with you if you did.