Saturday, May 15, 2010

an art star's journey into night.

i can't believe this is my fourth year at the art star craft bazaar. and i am so happy to finally sit down to an outdoor show with a clean and clear forecast. that up there is isaiah who came by to visit us today, water ice in hand. i spent much of the day at the booth, trying to sort out our under-table situation, but did manage to run away for a little while to dart around penn's landing trying to focus on things.

art star day 1 (10)b

art star day 1 (11)b

art star day 1 (12)b

maybe i have some kind of baby fever, but i found the children's woolens, knitwear and toys from lumpkin to be totally fantastic - organic, playful, well composed. okay, i will admit it - i just want a vest with tongue pockets. for me, being childless is to be doomed to a life of childishness.

aitor also managed to match some new messages with the new labelling tape colours he recently acquired. this was my favourite:

art star day 1 (17)b

it was such a busy day, we mostly just talked to people and kept things tidy. after it was all over, my sweetie was so pooped than even a pack of wild dogs running all over him couldn't keep him awake.

party time (1)b

after a little nap, we somehow stumbled into a nine-year-old's birthday party. great amounts of fun were had by all (save maybe spongebob who did not weather the evening well).

party time (6)b

party time (7)b

party time (23)b

party time (26)

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