Sunday, April 18, 2010


i'm exhausted.

the trunk show today was entirely lovely. i was especially happy to get to vend beside some folks who we've been wanting to involve in city of craft stuff for a while - stitchface, argyle acorn, arounna...

i only snapped a few pictures that turned out (i used to be so good at documenting - maybe the skill will return). but karyn took a bunch of great shots with her new camera.

i am trying to pare down these days, so i really had to hold back when it came to bringing things home. there was some fantastic stuff, too. i really liked the laser cut birdhouses that melinda's partner, chris, made. and all the great prints from repeat. who am i kidding, i would take one of everything if i could. some samples:

spring trunk show 3b

spring trunk show 5b

i ended up with just one print and one card from deadweight. the print is from sandi's unimpressed ladies series. it will join a growing collection of portraits that is currently seeking a permanent home in my apartment. i think i have just the wall...


Tara Bursey said...

What are those milk cartons? Milk carton "cozies" or something...?

Whatever they are, they're nice.

sweetie pie press said...

they are just...milk cartons by beside herself. i loved them! i didn't even want to ask how much they were for fear i would end up having to buy one. i'm not allowed stuff right now.

Anonymous said...

Those skulled out nesting dolls are sweeeet!

besideherself said...

Becky! Thanks for putting on such a great little show. We had an awesome time!

Carolyn and Alda

davis. said...

i look like a nerd... lol... I'm just discovering this photo now! ;)