Tuesday, April 27, 2010

tirelessly wirelessless (and other pressing matters).

i am currently very unexcited about the fact that when i got up today (after a very late night and too little sleep), our phone (and thus internet) was dead. this is really not what i need right now. regardless, i still have small news and photographs to share from this roncesvalles avenue cafe.

yesterday evening, i went by the trip print press to pick up our vendor call flyers from nicholas. he was weirdly apologetic on the phone about some defect is saw in them. he's nuts; they are so beautiful. i posted a more verbose account of the whole thing here (but the pictures are the same). note the button love in the last image. when are we going to do that letterpress artist set we were talking about, nicholas?

trip print 14b

trip print 16b

trip print 17b

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