Friday, April 23, 2010

sword of your face.

my very wonderful friend shannon has been working tirelessly (and sometimes tiredly) for what seems like forever on sword of my mouth, a post-rapture graphic novel collaboration with jim munroe (he the writer, she the illustrator). now it is finally ready to be launched out into the world.

because work begets work, shannon has decided to celebrate the completion of her slavish daily drawing buy offering free facebook profile images to as many people as she can handle drawing. in exchange, you just have to share information about the book and its launch via said social media site.

personally, i am hoping that shannon gets around to drawing everyone on facebook. her hands will atrophy and fall off, but the internet will be so much cleaner to look at.

you can find all the details for the book launch here.

for all the details about how to get your own free shannon face, look here.

let us all fulfil our narcissism and/or appreciation of shannon's deft pen. and let shannon's viral dreams become a reality.

update 04.26.2010: due to popular demand (surprise, surprise) shannon can only keep doing these drawings until may 4. i think some bigger blogs have picked up the story and she is starting to get really swamped.

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