Tuesday, March 30, 2010

suggestions of direction.

"go that way," it says.

today i was lucky enough to make a date to meet up with karyn at the workroom earlyish. she let me use the cutting table to figure out the layout of my big triangle of triangles (barring any emergency big cutting, that is). it was such a boon to have a wide open space that isn't my home in which to contemplate the possible colour configurations. and karyn is no slouch when it comes to colour, palette and layout, either, so i felt i would have a safety net should i encounter any panics.

this thing is supposed to go up in the window of the knit cafe in two days. i have been riddled with migraines recently and experiencing some serious back pain from all the sewing, so we will see how it goes. i feel like i can gauge the changes in barometric pressure with my cranial blood vessels. i'd really rather not have this dubious gift, though. it's getting in the way of my triangular visions for the world.

triangles at the workroom 9b

now back to sewing, when what i really want to do is flop down on the workroom floor. someone's got the right idea...

triangles at the workroom (11)

ps - karyn also took some pictures of my layout and somehow they are way cheerier than mine. you can poke around through them round about here. thanks, karyn!

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