Friday, March 26, 2010

sorting, cleaning, rummaging.

i have been going through my surprisingly large collection of clothing and trying to pare down. it is surprising how much i own considering that i am usually dressed it something tattered and weird. i have a lot of tatters, it would seem. i also have some untattered things like vintage dresses, aprons and skirts. i also have a few indulgent purchases (usually local designers) that never worked out. those really make me sad because new clothing figures into my budget so rarely.

anyway, i am about to flee town and it is spring so a bunch of these items must leave my home and make their ways out into the big bad world in hopes of finding more appreciative homes. enter the upcoming spring trunk show at the workroom. this time, i am going 100% rummage. so bring out your vintaging eyes and see what you can find!

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