Thursday, April 22, 2010


grant's opening 6b

grant's opening 7b

i had the extreme pleasure of attending the opening for grant heaps' new installation, lupe fiasco's daydreamin' - a grant heaps remix, at made this evening. grant's work blows me away in general - like always. the sheer volume of meticulous stitches and placements in every piece is astonishing. in this case, i think i have to find a moment between fits of packing and cleaning to go back and take the installation in. art openings can be too social for me to really absorb the work on display. daydreamin' is also installed in made's cooler. it's an intimate confinement for the work, but makes for a competitive space to enter on a packed opening night. i shall return. you should go check it out, too.

congratulations, grant!

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