Tuesday, April 20, 2010

gifts from afar.

with all the skies filling with soot, i was quite surprised to be receiving any mail from across the seas. i suppose it is mostly europe that is affected but i imagine this spewing volcano to be choking the life out of all air travel. so imagine my extra delight when i got this package today from the inimitable sarah mcneil - all the way from new zealand.

sarah is, among many other things, one of my newest commissioned button artists. we've been having a multi-month correspondence to develop her sets, the artwork for which i received digitally a couple weeks ago. well, sarah really went above an beyond by putting together a package of originals for me. she also packed the envelope full of other goodies - gocco prints, postcards...well, take a look...

sarah mcneil 2b

sarah mcneil 4b

sarah mcneil 5b

sarah mcneil 6b

sarah mcneil 7b

here is a sneak peek at the artwork for her button sets:

sarah mcneil 10b

sarah mcneil 12b

somehow, sarah's artwork can't help but create an ethereal glow when photographed. in spite of all these lovely marvels, the crowning jewel of this package is an incredible watercolour/collage piece in her loose series of spirit drawings. it's very much like the one i photographed on the first day i met sarah in a chilly toronto gallery art fair.

sarah mcneil 13b

sarah has always known my obsession with it. this really is a generous gift, lady. i don't usually get gifts for asking people to work for me. i'd better get busy making that custom hat. toronto yarn shops beware; i will soon raid you of your muted-toned bulky yarns. i know a lady with a penchant for greys and soft hues and she lives in a place that is going to have a winter soon. i bet it will end up looking like those clouds of ash.

oh, and if anyone wants to come over and frame all this stuff for me, i could make you a hat, too. i bet framing artwork will be my goal for 2011.

i feel really spoiled. but i am okay with it right now. i've been stressed and buoying distractions are an especially welcome cure.

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The golden Ballerina said...

Her work is truly beautiful! Love the buttons you made out of it to. e.g. the cats. pretty, pretty!