Monday, March 22, 2010


in preparation for some more adventuring, the reverend and i have started going through our home, trying to pare down and tidy. with all the family shuffles and inheritances (pretty much objects) of the past year, it is no easy task for me. above is my effort to get ruthless on my vintage apron collection (keep an eye out at the upcoming spring trunk show). of course, ribbon took the apron pile as an invitation to assume her trademark 'sausage cat' posture all day.

orchids 4b

orchids 6b

in other homebound news, one of the weirdo orchids i brought home from last month's orchid show has gone all nutty. at first, i was excited at the prospect that it was sending out new bulbs (and thus didn't really take pictures), but it seems clear that this is the strange way in which this bulbophyllum falcatum flowers. it wasn't supposed to flower for a year! i feel so lucky. orchids are not often a quick gratification kind of plant. but bulbo is defying the odds and putting on a big show as a mere baby. i wonder what those wormy little bulbs are going to open into (anything?)

ah, the small joys of a shut-in.


roisin said...

there was an orchid show here on the weekend - i restrained myself to just one, a brownish-with-yellow-edge oncidium. your new orchid totally looks like a creepy bug.

sweetie pie press said...

it's totally going to plant eggs in us while we sleep. i hope your oncidium doesn't do that. my one oncidium died. it was sad.