Wednesday, March 24, 2010

crowd sourcing.


tyler made that image of me. i asked him to adapt the bob and becky poster as a favour so that i could have something weird to put on invoices and maybe business cards. but now that i look at my own floating head in this way, it seems to be either asking a question or trying to eat something. i am full of food, so i better come up with some questions.

preparing for our upcoming travels, here are some things you can help me with, internet friends (answers pertaining to north america will be most useful):

1. what craft fairs do you like best?
2. what galleries, shops and boutiques (in the world of indie craft, art or design) do you think are great?
3. what roadside attractions should we visit?
4. what else is out there that we should know about?

if you'd like some touchstones of taste or old stories, you can click on these links for adventure and roadside attractions of the past. i can hardly wait to be out in the world again.


Unknown said...

I like the floating head! I'm in Toronto so maybe I'll stop by the Sweetie Pie Press store here...


Bethany said...

1. the renegades, tiny canary, spring bada bing...totally can't think of any others at the moment!
2. wholly craft, rotofugi
3. Roadside America and the Dutch Haus (on the turnpike in Eastern PA)
4. Wednesday mornings in Belleville, PA are pretty super.

sweetie pie press said...

there is no store, just a cramped apartment. i mean, my stuff is sold in stores, but i don't have my own.

what happens on wednesday mornings in belleville, pa?

roisin said...

in new brunswick is the tiny community of jemseg, which contains the gas station/diner/general store of turner's one stop. they make fabulous donuts.

shanne said...

if you went to ocad and were under 25, that face would be an animated gif of your mouth saying "yeah yeah yeah yeah."

scott's term for that crowd is "animated gits"

pretty good right?

sweetie pie press said...

maybe i can get jesjit to make snakes come out my nose. i kind of like those gif-makers' works, though. i call them 'animated gifts'.