Thursday, February 25, 2010

work begets work.

today, jesjit came over on a collection of businesses. 1) we are finding ways to make free drawings and city of craft work together. 2) he dropped off a roll of prints covered in circles so that i can make a second run his very popular $$ button sets.

jesjit 2b

jesjit 3b

jesjit 6b

it always feels both thrilling and horrifying to cut into the posters he drops off. i can ease my anxieties by reminding myself that these are all ripped, water damaged and/or overstock that we are able to give new life through buttons. also, the resulting sets look extremely bad-ass.

$$ front

in related news, they did some stock shuffling over at renegade handmade and sent back some of their overstock. included was one remaining set from jesjit's first run with me. it's the only set from that 2007 run that i know of, so i put it up in the etsy shop. enjoy!

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