Friday, February 12, 2010

vandalous and scandalous.

just a quick note to say that the torontoist vandalist column used another one of my pictures. i wish i could take credit for the art itself. instead, i make pale images of it. but at least my non-neighbours among you can share in the joy.


in other news, aitor and i are off to do a comedy show together (kinda). this will perhaps be our first performance collaboration, unless i appeared in his stage debut in edmonton where he played a travelling moustache salesman in an improvised kids show - but i think i just watched. it's only kinda because he is judging catch23, the weekly improv showdown i co-produce here in toronto (my other not-so-secret life). it will be our valentine's edition, filled with real life couples, romance counsellors, a series of trists, and my ex boyfriend sitting next to aitor and playing music on his gameboy. you know...a happening you will only be able to see once. tonight.

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