Tuesday, February 23, 2010

sick daze (and split second appearances)

it seems like i have spent half of 2010 sick thus far. i can't imagine why i deserve this, but this weekend was filled with a fresh bout of something ghastly. i lay around, shivered and watched docudramas about early canadian settlers and their constant trials (like, cholera). thankfully, i just had to sleep a lot with my cat nearby and nobody tried any bloodletting on me. i should count myself lucky.

during my latest illness, i did find time to materialize like a phantasm in a couple of split second internet appearances. see if you can spot me in this excellent interview serena did about small venues, touring, and artistic understanding. don't blink, though, or you will miss me (don't worry, i really have nothing to do with this). i also appear momentarily and inconsequentially in the preview of rose bianchini's documentary about misha glouberman and how he likes to make people yell. they are both very great projects that i am honoured to have ever insinuated myself into.

oh, and up there are some aloe sprouts i discovered today when i was well enough to scale our couch, prune the plants and water them. they seem to be reacting to their recent repotting with gusto. i hope to have a large aloe shrub in no time. it is also nice to see any kind of sprouts this early in the year, especially when i feel so sickly and depleted. there is hope for everyone.


Anne.Garber said...
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Anne.Garber said...

Your brother was sick in Vancouver all weekend, too. Must be a Johnson family thing.

Anonymous said...

now i'm dying of curiosity about what sort of pruning is one supposed to do to an aloe - the only "pruning" i ever do is when i burn myself and need a leaf! maybe that is why my aloes always look so sickly...?
please inform.

sweetie pie press said...

oh, well, i don't actually know if an aloe requires pruning. it probably does not. but i find that no matter how gingerly i try to transplant them, i always damage some spikes. it becomes clear which ones are hurt a few weeks later. if they have holes in them, i cut the spikes back so there is no chance of rotting. but...i am just making it up as i go along.