Wednesday, January 27, 2010

youthful repairs (or, why do i cling so?)

it's hard to really express the craziness of this garment but here are the sleeves of a sweater that i have been hanging onto since i was a mere teen. clearly, some kind of obsessive labour of love was undertaken in keeping it whole.

there has been a lot of cleaning and (hopefully) organizing going on around sweetie pie headquarters (aka home). this pursuit has unearthed various marvels from my past - i have been going through my own clutter as well as boxes of stuff that came to me via my family out west.

i am sharing this one with you after jen expressed an interest in the beauties of mending. i really should find a way to photograph it on me, though. this would communicate a lot about my teenage confusion over the size of my body. with sleeves that stretch to my knees, though, it is questionable as to whether a human was in mind at all when this sweater was conceived.


k said...

I love old clothes like this! Never throw it out— i somewhat recently threw out a pair of 6 inch platforms I use to wear in high school and I am really regretting it. they were so dreadfully ugly but at the time I thought they were the coolest thing ever and now I know I will never find them again and it makes me sad!
Make a pouch for your sweater and embroider "my old sweater" on it. hehe

Dory Kornfeld said...

I still have the t-shirt I wore on the first day of high school. It's read and says "where the heck is spuzzum?" I don't remember the last time I wore it, it was probably a few apartments ago, but I love it and whenever I tidy my drawer and it gets refolded I always exclaim something like "I still love you, favourite tshirt!"

sweetie pie press said...

i am in a place right now where i have to get rid of things. like have to. there is not enough room in my apartment that also serves as factory, office, shipping centre, warehouse, showroom and meeting space. the effort put into this sweater, though, made it one thing that was hard to let go of. i also know that without me, it becomes garbage.