Friday, January 22, 2010

toe wool.

"for soft corn in web of toes, place small amount of lamb's wool between toes just forward of corns. for soft corns on inner side of toe, wrap lamb's wool around the unaffected toe - this separates toes and prevents pressure on painful area. for corns on top of toes, wrap lamb's wool over the corn and around the toe."

my mother brought me this from my grandparents place. it was unopened and unused, so i am going to practice spinning yarn with it. don't worry, i won't make you wear it on your neck or anything. connotations can really get in the way of retail enjoyment.

toe wool close


kristyn said...

i don't even know what to say. this is amazing in so many ways. let me know if you need any help! Are you coming to the church of craft spinning workshop?

sweetie pie press said...

you bet i'm coming! i even got two spindles recently and secretly made some really weird yarn with them. i know nothing!

Faythe Levine said...

god i love you.