Friday, January 29, 2010


warning: this post contains smutty and mature content. i hope i don't alienate all of those new readers who have just come over here from poppytalk. oh well, you would have figured out what a degenerate i am eventually.

pictured here are some prototypes for the button project i have been scheming up for the erotic arts and crafts fair (with full props due to ebony sager for helping me out via twitter). i just felt that i needed to do a special project for this particular show, as my catalogue is sadly lacking in smut. hence, smuttons.

thanks also to the novelty makers of those sex dice. although my project is less of a game and more of a means of displaying your weird perversions. the final versions will be red and pink (the universally lewdest colour scheme). i am making equal parts body parts and verbs. guess which word fits into both categories: finger. a ha ha ha!

isn't it romantic?


Anonymous said...

More words (didn't know we were going for single words): Hoo-hoo, Wobblies, Boner, Bone (also works like FINGER as both noun and verb), spunk, nips, Fist (ditto noun/verb), and of course, Hershey Highway. Speaking of which, I once had to look up Hershey's Chocolate for something I was writing for the newspaper, and -- while it was loading -- went to the copier. When I returned to my desk in the newsroom, there was a small knot of my interested (male) colleagues gathered around my monitor, and my very embarrassed friend Jeani Read (who sat next to me) trying to get the crowd to disperse. I actually got called into the Managing Editor's office to explain. Well, geez, I was just using Google to research for Valentine's Day or Easter candy...honest.

sweetie pie press said...

what have i gotten myself into?