Monday, January 25, 2010

blue and dying.

it's always problematic to have an idea in mind when thinking of yarn-based projects, especially when it comes to colour. when buying commercial yarns, one is always at the whims of colour trending and, well, the finite nature of yarn collections. i needed a pale robin's egg blue at a certain gauge for a project i have been needing to do for too long now but couldn't find the perfect thing anywhere (i left city of craft with a perfect skein from kristyn but it ended up too bulky for the pattern i came up with so it is going into another thing).

yarn dying (15)b

the point is, last night, it was time to get craft-empowered and take my fate into my own hands. guess what? dying yarn with food colouring and vinegar is painless, fumeless and easy. having no microwave or crock pot, it took a bit to find a stove top tutorial (which is basically the same, but it was my first time so i felt jumpy). i went with these instructions. so simple!

i split an undyed merino skein in half and ended up using only one drop of blue on the dyed half resulting in this pale blue:

dyed yarn

i actually would have preferred it to be a little less even (which is a great complaint to have) and find the colour more hospital that robin's egg, but i think i made out pretty well for a trip to the grocery store and a stab in the dark.


kristyn said...

wowee! way to craft!
i am sorry to have given you too bulky yarn. :(
hopefully you will make yourself something lovely out of it.

sweetie pie press said...

you did not give me too bulky a yarn, my pattern plans changed. but don't worry, i already have a project in mind for it. and you got the colour better than i did.

Shannah said...

You are a brave soul. I'm pretty darn impressed with the results. And I happen to LOVE industrial blue as much as robins egg blue:)

sweetie pie press said...

good. it is important that you like this colour. and i was getting all neurotic about tones. are my first ever try at dying! also, it is very easy. like...alarmingly.

Jessicah said...

Your final colour is lovely. I'm glad you found my tutorial helpful- thanks for link to it :) Happy stitching! Jessicah