Friday, December 11, 2009

witchy hands and outdated papers.

hey! things have been quiet around this blog. but that is only because life is screaming at me in the real world. i am happy to report that minnie, the newest member of my electronic family has been with me a week and a half now and is working out great. what better way, i ask you, to celebrate the entrance of a new computer into my life than to crawl right into the internet and wrap a gift in front of you?

yup, that is my i-just-drove-stright-from-detroit mug and signature knobbly craft hands turning my grampa's old accounting supplies into an impenetrable fortress of gift wrap.

big thanks to chantal braganza at the toronto star for pitching and making this piece (and thinking of me).

of course, it all flows towards city of craft, the megalopolis of toronto indie craft fairs that i have a hand in running, which is happening tomorrow and sunday at the theatre centre on queen west west. holy crow, there is still so much to do! did i mention my life is screaming at me? come down tomorrow to witness the results of all that.

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SWJ + LRB said...

What a great clip - I will be using all three ideas this gift wrapping season! Hope to see you at the craft fair.