Saturday, October 31, 2009

generally speaking...

pictured above are some tiny jars i have crammed full of shredded canadian currency. why, you ask? well, there could be many answers but the most tactile and promotional of the options is that city of craft is presenting a general store-themed art room at tomorrow's hotel canzine and that when i think 'general store', i think 'tiny jars of shredded money'. it seems like every curio cabinet should have at least one.

i am very happy that this one-day shop is part of canzine, and not just because my ongoing connectivity issues have made me a useless heap when it comes to getting work done and producing events. nope, more than just a piggy back ride, canzine is a very special beast...a crammed downtown hotel filled with an uncomfortable amount of creativity. i love it. it is like the perfect antidote to the stark and unattainable ideals of modern craft culture. a million tiny things just waiting to contaminate your white walls and concrete lofts.

for our part, the city of craft room will try tempting your senses with such unavoidable acquisitions as hundreds of plaster fingers, hand-printed fat quarters, birch bark jewellery, stones covered in crochet, hand-bound books, buttons that look like teeth and...tiny jars of shredded money.

and you can bet i am going to use that extra hour of sleep to desperately attempt to get more done.


Rosemoo said...

Are you ok? You're gone from blog-land. Not that I can say anything since I just did my first post in November. Just checking in!

sweetie pie press said...

oh, thank you for the concern. the previous post kind of explains part of my disappearing act. replacing my computer has just been way more of a gauntlet than i previously thought. and with the holidays coming up, i am already swamped with wholesale orders and trying to make canada post bend to my wills (or even their own delivery guarantees).

so, yes, a very stressful fall to say the least. but i am trying to catch up on my old sluggish desktop computer.

Rosemoo said...

Ahh. I understand. Well I hope you have good luck soon with the evil. And happy almost America-style-Thanksgiving! :D