Saturday, October 3, 2009

puces pop.

that composite picture up there can be seen in larger format by clicking on it.

as exhausted as we are after day one, puces pop has been amazing. there's a level to which the laissez-faire of montreal always stresses me out (classic toronto), but these shows are always fantastic - even if the guy next to me shows up two hours late.

it's packed, the people are nice and, more importantly, they understand this art and craft stuff. sure, there is less wealth here, but there is an interest and knowledgeability about design and expression that i don't take for granted anymore after our travels far afield. merci, guys.

oh yeah, i also get to sound a like a blathering idiot all day as i stumble back through my french. at least people are forgiving.

french phrase of the day: "je m'excuse; je suis un peu stupide."


Dory Kornfeld said...

Becky, there is something about seeing your same set of bowls and dishes in all your far-away pictures that makes me really happy.

I did include them in the market vendor handbook I made, which I shall send you a copy of.

sweetie pie press said...

oh, good. i dropped the ball on that project and am glad you ended up using them.

i am often struck by all the things that have travelled a million miles with me. we found a small pack of tissues in the glove compartment when serena got sick on this trip and it did occur to me that they were with us through near-death driving in new mexico. weird. my band of companions are a bunch of for that one guy.

roisin said...

hey! I recognize the name of that lady above you, Becky. she had some canadian farm teatowels send down to herself in the usa.

anyway - i forgot to get a security envelope, and pay you at puces.

Dory Kornfeld said...

Yes! That was me indeed, the farm tea towels are exactly what the doctor ordered. Thanks!

toronto craft alert said...

dory i am seeing this a year late - perhaps you or becky could fill me in on what this "market vendor handbook" is all about? xjx