Wednesday, October 7, 2009

funny people.

here is a new custom button order i have been working on. i only sometimes manage to write about the custom work i do, but these buttons were extra fun for me.

they are being made for rapid fire theatre, an improv outfit in edmonton, alberta. one of their new upstarts happens to be deaf and in order for his comic genius to be understood by a non-signing audience, the theatre needs to supply a translator for all the shows he is in. while not massively expensive, this service is also not free (or in their budget) so they approached me to help with a small fundraising campaign.

starting from the one 'deaf people are funny too' design, we came up with a whole 48 types of people (from fat to glib) who were also funny. coming up with adjectives was especially enjoyable for me. personally, i would like to see the company use these buttons as character suggestions for some improvised scenework, but maybe that's only because i'd like to see a scene between a dead person and a bland person. instant comedy!

if you'd like to purchase some buttons and support the cause, they will be available at rapid fire shows in edmonton as soon as the package gets to them.


Unknown said...

I love the improv idea - 2 people pick a button each out of a hat and... ready, steady, GO! What a great custom project.

sweetie pie press said...

yeah, it was great fun. i have a deep affection for language so getting to unpack words like ornery, turgid, and lewd was a rare pleasure for me.

Erin Dollar said...

i love these! i'd need "bland people are funny too." that seems like a good warning to new people i meet :)