Wednesday, September 9, 2009

paper work.

a small update to show you, dear readers, the fate of my grandfather's heaps of mixed paper.

in the absolute madness of our home (do not let the carefully framed recent images on this blog fool you), i have found one more corner to bring my kind of order into. i loved the way my grampa's paper looked all stacked up so much that i decided to find a way to keep them as is and out in the open.

of course, this little 'project' only really makes sense if you happen to come into a great mass of uniformly sized mixed papers, but i thought i would share it. i like that it is also a large amount of usable material (the bane of my apartment) arranged in such a way as to be decorative - in my opinion, anyway.

leah came over last night and said "there's more wood in the paper than the log." i guess this makes my arrangement profound as well. paper + log + doily + fire = choose your own meaning.

other paper work of note:

1. an interview with me went live today on vancouver's got craft? blog. i am so flattered to have been asked to be profiled.

2. karen and i have agreed to do a 'pure rummage' sale at the workroom on sunday, october 18. this is all i can let you know now, but i can assure you that it will be a healthy feeding frenzy of vintage goodies and supplies.

3. city of craft has a blog now. as empty as it may be at the moment, it may be worth following for future purposes.

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