Wednesday, September 23, 2009

if only time were hyperbolic...

...and expanded out into infinite directions from any given moment in time. maybe it does. i'm not actually that smart. i don't know.

but i certainly feel overwhelmed by projects, emergencies and drudgery these days.

this post, though, is about a project - the nicest of the three activities mentioned above. i recently found out that the toronto hyperbolic reef project has been accepted to city of craft's installation programming. yes, even we organisers need to apply under the iron-fisted regime of new installation coordinator, tara bursey. that's not true; tara's not a tyrant by any stretch. she's just more organised and thoughtful than we had managed to muster in previous years.

but, i digress. the greatest part of our hyperbolic news is that tara secured the fly gallery on queen street for our reef. and we get it for the entire month of december! the fly is a (relatively) small window gallery but still presents a lot of space to fill. and, although the call to contribute is open to the entire city, i am too panicky to allow our collection's growth to rest solely in the hands of potentially unreliable unknowns (no offense...please feel free to prove me wrong). so i have been busying my hands during 'off' moments (read: while i watch the news) by constructing a few new models.

pictured here is a new pseudosphere/anemone-in-progress made of crazy novelty yarns. it is going to undergo a few more metaphorphoses before it is done but so far it is coming along nicely. weird, but nice. it also serves to consume a little bit of my nightly stress.


Unknown said...

this reminds me of a spectacular giant clam I saw among the corals of the great barrier reef earlier this year... apparently every one of them has its own unique colour and pattern...

Michelle said...

Aloha and congratulations on being a part of one of these incredible hyperbolic coral reef projects! I'm organizing one here in Hawai'i so if you're keen to participate in another installation (open to anyone, from anywhere), do check it out! Prospectus and pics at and "Hawai'i Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef project" on

sweetie pie press said...

michelle, that is great! all my model-making is currently going towards the toronto reef ( but i can see what i can do to spread the word about this project.