Saturday, September 26, 2009

happy birthday.

happy birthday, aitor!

the celebrations began last night with an outing to see our favorite yodeling country crooner, petunia, who just happened to be passing through town and playing the dakota tavern. if petunia is in your town, you should see him.

today we celebrated with roti from mother india and cupcakes from our corner cupcakery, yummy stuff (he chose bacon chocolate while i went for a classic red velvet).

gifts had to be minimal this year as it has not been a flush one for us, but bourbon and coffee always seem to sedate the reverend's baser needs. he seems happy. and full.

welcome to another year on earth, sweetie!


shannongerard said...

thanks for being born aitor! that was a smashing idea!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Aitor! You are an excellent human being.

Unknown said...

You rule, Aitor! And we will be getting bacon chocolate cupcakes when I am in town.

MB said...

Is Aitor a Basque name? Just curious. :) Those cupcakes look delicious.

roisin said...

pardon me - bacon chocolate cupcakes? one more reason to move to toronto, i guess.

petunia used to play in halifax all the time - i miss seeing him.

leah b said...

Happy birthday, Aitor! May your days be filled with coffee and liquor and others things that make you happy.