Sunday, August 30, 2009

zine on me.

pictured above is a little sampling of the amazing wares on offer at today's zine dream. i came home with alarmingly little - i was at my table most of the day and then chatting up city of craft to the screen printing youth of toronto.

i did mange to go home with some great comic/art zines from my table mate, mark connery, and a new zine by tara bursey. i know you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but the limited edition of punk rockers on creative survival & the survival of creativity sports a jaunty cover by nicholas kennedy of the trip print press. it's flashy and i like it.

the book itself is fascinating. some of the interviews make me irritated with their contradictions and/or sanctimony and some are quietly inspiring. this is the general range of feelings i have in relation to punk rock culture in general so i think tara's project has done its job. and discussion of diy ethos is always reassuring to read.

the zine fair in general made me feel like i was transported back in time to before craft shows were about big displays and slickness. i felt old and young all at once and it was not unpleasant.

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