Wednesday, August 26, 2009


i have been away from making my own stuff and away from this blog for a few days. this isn't anything new. i've found myself generally over-busy since the spring. i live in the middle of a dynamic city and mostly spend my time sitting on the computer thinking longingly of the days years ago when i first lived here, inhabited a basement suite, had roommates and spent evenings with nothing better to do than bike around and stencil things. wait...i would never do that. that's against the law. it must have been some other girl.

but back to my excuses...this week brings an end to city of craft's vendor and installation applications. aside from the growing numbers of submissions to sort and process, i am also charged with all the technical aspects of the website. i apologize right now for any glitches. i am able but no website genius. if only the internet could be more...crocheted.

this also mean the jury date is coming near. so far, i have been on the jury every year. make no mistake about how grueling, time consuming and labour intensive this process is. not to mention heart wrenching; we never have room for all the amazing things being made in the city - not even close - not even close to close. and how could we, toronto? we'd need ten football fields (canadian football, but still...)

in spite of the generally gloomy tone of this post (which, i know, should be cheery and keen), i still encourage everyone to apply. whether space is found for you or not, i have learned in my crafty experiences that it is never a bad idea to put your work in front of people from your community. you never know, it could plant a seed for a future project (this has happened to me). and until we smarten up and start charging an application fee, you have nothing to lose!

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Leslie said...

crap, i totally was MIA and didn't sign up in time. LAME