Wednesday, July 8, 2009

kitchen invasion.

this kitchen mess is nothing compared to what i am capable of. our incredibly gracious hosts here in albuquerque, christie and shenoah, have allowed us to truly take over for some crafting, sorting and general mess-making. so we have pushed our plans in arizona back by a day and decided to linger and work.

this also means time left for visits with other new mexican friends like mark and marya.

this really is a town of favorite people. marya is my old college roommate (if we actually went to college and not clown school) who has fianlly settled here to immerse herself in jazz and find a reason to make theatre again. she's very talented at everything so i'm not worried that the joy will return. if not, something else will emerge. mark and shenoah are the pajama men, currently eyeballs-deep in making their new show to bring to the edinburgh fringe. we always seem to converge with them while this process is happening. it is such torture to make a show. outsiders rarely understand this and can't imagine any gut wrenching when they finally see the finished project. in the case of the pajama men, the finished product is always something i can get behind - sight unseen. go find them. they will also be flying away with some new buttons made by me. christie is a journalist/editor extraordinaire. we stay up nights trying to build her a new website between buttons squishings and sips of tea.

i finally feel like i can breathe for a minute here. thank you so much guys.

oh, and when you can't decide if you want green or red chilis (the state question), you can opt for christmas (which means both).


Phil the Void said...

In the photo of the house with the cacti, the curb appears to be angled up at either sides, so very slightly giving the impression of a gutter smile.

sweetie pie press said...

it's m' lense. m' lense makes guteers smile.

Detroit Mike said...

Be careful! Albuquerque will draw you in. I went to visit and it took me a year to leave. Next thing you know you'll be ordering the green chili burger at the Frontier at 3am and going to see Mystic Vision at the El Rey. Not to mention the third-run matinee at the Lobo. Damn, I kinda miss that town... say hello to 211 1/2 Columbia for me!

sweetie pie press said...

well, we have escaped by now. i am just slow on finishing my blog posts.

we stayed just around the corner from the frontier! yet somehow i avoided it this time. i think i remembered how paltry their vegetarian options were and opted instead for a steady stream of goodies from winning coffee.

i am also very happy to hear that you did not blow up with the i-75. i worry. it is so close to you guys.

DM said...

Yah, just down the street from my work, that bridge is. Funny thing, they just spent all of last summer rebuilding it. Sigh, win some lose some.

sweetie pie press said...

oh, detroit. when will you ever stop catching on fire?