Monday, June 29, 2009

radio silence.

photo by art star philly

so, i have been keeping my internet yap shut for a few days. it's not that i have been inactive - quite to the contrary; i have put my craft life to sleep for a weekend while i perform, teach and observe things at an improv festival in minneapolis.

so instead of doing or saying anything productive, my only craft related activity has been replying to pressing emails and finding weird mentions of our travels on the internet.

above is a picture taken by the lovelies at art star from our booth at the craft bazaar last month. at the time of exposure, i am probably at the peak of an allergy attack that burgled most of my second day at the show. do not let my weirdness fool you. this was an otherwise splendid day.

don't fret, soon we will be back to business as unusual. we have to make it from here to los angeles. i am sure there are a few things between here and there. we'll see.

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