Friday, May 8, 2009

further adventures in coastlessness.

we started today early by screwing everything up and arriving late at no coast. thankfully, reba was able to rejig her schedule and i was able to stock the shop up with new sweetie pie buttons sets. so don't worry, pilsen, you too have sweetie pie buttons at your fingertips. the last time we were through town, no coast was just about to open so i hadn't seen it in action yet. the store has filled in perfectly, the stock padded heavily by the unique output of the collective members who run the space (lots of flats both letterpressed and silkscreened, in particular).

after no coast we got an early start on the road to indianapolis. indiana, to me, has always seemed a study in shades of gray. i have driven through some of the worst weather i have been in there (aside from michigan and london, ontario, but that's a different story). graham and i were convinced we were going to die by lightning there a few years back. even on the nice days i have experienced there, there is often an element of tumult and wind in the skies.

take note, sarah mcneil, most of indy is stealing your colour palettes.

we got to town in good time for once, met up with our friends jaime and jerry, and went out to pick up some supplies at the thrift store. this is the kind of place to go thrifting. and look at the curatorial care with which the shops are arranged:

we drove around a bit taking in the sites (there are, too) and settled into a night of home life and crafty show and tell with our hosts.

jaime spins, makes awesome recycled t-shirt yarn, finishes vintage quilt tops into quilts and more. jerry specializes in western wear (and does a mean business in custom work, if you are ever looking for such a thing). they also have a lovely home full of jerry's typewriter collection, taxidermy, sewing machines and equipment, state plates and jerry's garage full of vintage bikes for rebuildin'. good show and tell, guys. i like this place.

yes, jaime has a whole stuffed deer. yes, these things can be found here.


richard wayne said...

In my own coast-to-coast adventures recently, I passed by a gentleman who resembled Aitor in the Oakland, CA airport. This guy seemed a bit larger than Aitor appears in photos, though, so I assume it wasn't him.

Rose Ann said...

It is good to see your pics and read about your travels here in the midwest!! Kind of interesting to see collections of the same items I have in my house, i.e. plates, typewrites and glass statues painted with gold trim!
Best Regards,
Rose Ann in oHIo