Thursday, April 30, 2009

loose ends.

well, plans are coming together and we are just about to slither out of this newly spring-like city. aitor leaves tonight with the toronto pipe club (oh, did i neglect to mention that we are starting our trip in chicago so that aitor can go to the chicagoland pipe convention? - best use of the word tobacciana ever) and i set out tomorrow morning.

i dropped my cat off with the lovely emma and gill last night. i'm such a weird old cat lady that i get strange without her around. i keep expecting her to curl up on my lap. boo hoo hoo. if only i had a pet who could travel.

if you feel the need to stock up on sweetie pie stuff while we are away, i just did a late-night restocking at the good catch general store. type books has also just decided to carry the mores buttons at all their locations and the knit cafe has a new batch of knit till you die buttons. so that should tide you over.

the sweetie pie press will also be represented at the next trampoline hall with our ubiquitous merch table, thanks to the gracious help of the lovely laurie mcgregor. the next show will be monday, may 11, and is curated by trampoline hall inventor, sheila heti. thanks for picking up the sweetie pie slack, miss laurie! you will be the best emmissary.

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leah b said...

oh, i miss milosz - he makes the bestest, softest, warmest pillow.

good luck on the open road! xx